Entry fees
Bikes AMCA Member Non-Member
1 $10 $15
2 $15 $25
3 $20 $30
4 $25 $35
5 $30 $40
Fees are paid on site.
ON SITE REGISTRATION OPENS AT 7AM AND CLOSES PROMPTLY AT 10AM. Any bike not on the field in its class by 10:30am may not be judged.

Our club, the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America), considers vintage bikes as 35 years and older. NO BIKES NEWER THAN 1983 WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD.

Please choose the class for each bike from the table below.
This will determine the location of your bike/bikes on the judging field.

American - A
European - EU
Japanese - J
English - EN
Competition - CO
Scooter - S
Cafe Racer - CR
Bobber/Chopper - BC

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